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Brow Lamination

This treatment involves giving brows new shape by setting the hairs in place – think of it as a perm for your eyebrows. The result can be tailored to suit your vision – if you want thick, fluffy brows it’s perfect, and likewise if you have wild, unruly brows, you can have them set into a more defined shape. If you want to correct your shape, lift your brow hairs, and cut down on your daily brow maintenance routine, then brow lamination is the treatment for you.


1. Firstly, brows are cleansed and brushed out. Your brow technician will then wax or pluck any stray hairs to tidy up the shape.

2. Next, a chemical solution is applied which relaxes the bonds in hair and straightens them out. Brows are flattened under cling film and the solution is left to work its magic for around 20 minutes.

3. Now that brow hairs are easier to manipulate, they’re brushed into position and a setting lotion is applied.

4. Once the setting lotion is removed, brows are tinted – this helps to increase the appearance of extra fullness and definition.


No. Unlike microblading, which can be painful since it applies to the skin and not the hair, lamination doesn’t cause any pain.


After the treatment it’s super important to keep your brows dry for at least 24 hours after (which is actually harder than you’d think). Once the 24 hours downtime is up however, there’s absolutely no maintenance required other than that your brows will likely need a quick brush through with a spoolie every morning. Thanks to the tint, you won’t need to fill in your brows for a few weeks, but you could use the complimentary castor oil and spoolie you will be given to condition your brows and keep them in shape.


Depending on your hairs, the results can last anywhere between three to six weeks.


Brow Tints

Eyebrow tinting gives you bolder, natural looking eyebrows since the actual hair of the eyebrow is tinted to a darker colour, eliminating that “drawn on” look. Pencilled in eyebrows can be easy to spot, why not save yourself the hassle by investing in eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

These tinting services will help you save time applying makeup in the morning and your tinting professional will make sure your lashes and brows look just how you like.


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